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BabyTentacles by JosephPedroza | JosephPedroza.Com


Digital Illustration Prints Available in My Shop – Art Prints

Art Prints are Available in my Shop, please follow this link if you’d like to purchase a Print → . I have 5 new prints for sale, size 8.5″x11″, Unframed, Printed on Cardstock using Canon PixmaPro Archival Inks (OEM)
Prints - by Joseph Pedroza -

Baby Tentacles by Joseph Pedroza | JosephPedroza.Com

Conference by JosephPedroza | JosephPedroza.Com

HalloweenGirl Color Print - by Joseph Pedroza | JosephPedroza.Com

Old Glory Red, Old Glory Blue by Joseph Pedroza | JosephPedroza.Com

Train by Joseph Pedroza | JosephPedroza.Com

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My name is Joseph Pedroza. I'm a Character Animator and Graphic Artist living in the Greater Los Angeles area. Currently I’m working as a Freelance Graphic Artist, providing Graphic Design and Web Design Services to personal and small businesses.

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