Here are some Caricature designs I created on the go. Its a good idea to take a small sketchbook with you where ever you go! Things don’t have to be perfect inside your sketchbook. We can always come back to a design and refine at a later time.

JP-3x5-Sketchbook_00 By Joseph Pedroza

JP-3x5-Sketchbook_01 By Joseph Pedroza

JP-3x5-Sketchbook_02 By Joseph Pedroza

JP-3x5-Sketchbook_03 By Joseph Pedroza

JP-3x5-Sketchbook_04 By Joseph Pedroza

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My name is Joseph Pedroza. I'm a Character Animator and Graphic Artist living in the Greater Los Angeles area. Currently I’m working as a Freelance Graphic Artist, providing Graphic Design and Web Design Services to personal and small businesses.


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